otodato platform
simple. secure. neutral.
About Otodato
Otodato is an IoT based device agnostic automotive data marketplace working towards enabling the transportation ecosystem partners like vehicle owners, transporters, GPS service providers, insurance companies, banks and automotive manufacturers to extract the most value from the vehicle telematics data.
The Future is Here
Over the course of next few years, connected vehicles will be on its way to becoming the predominant form of automotive transportation and vehicle owners would be showered with personalised services like in-vehicle delivery of merchandise to on-demand fuelling to toll tax payments, UBI etc. all these connected vehicle services will bring more convenience into the lives of vehicle owners and their passengers.
Otodato aims to help our partners be future ready & ensure a more fitting and safer vehicle driving experience. For the drivers, our partners (insurers, financers, manufacturers, dealers or other third parties) will be offering services like predictive maintenance, seamless warranty settlements & faster insurance claim settlements that will help vehicle owners to operate their vehicles at a much lower cost.
Otodato aggregates the vehicle telematics data from multiple sources and makes it available for the data consumers in a standard format. Availability of both real time and historical vehicle data enables our partners to offer innovative and cutting edge products & services for tracking, emergency services, roadside assistance, insurance, finance, predictive maintenance, extended warranty and more to the vehicle owners cost effectively and conveniently. we provide vehicle owners a choice to operate their vehicles at a much lower cost by utilising improved services given by insurers, financers, manufacturers, dealers, or other third parties.
What we Offer
Otodato transforms automotive data to match the needs of all the stakeholders.
For Vehicle Owners
Specialised telematics based value added products & services like insurance, finance, vehicle servicing, RSA & emergency services etc. provided by Otodato’s ecosystem partners will enable the vehicle owners to operate at a much lower cost and have a move convenient vehicle owning experience.
For Data Consumers
Data consumers (like insurers, banks, OEMs, vehicle manufacturers etc.) will be able to access the data and insights they need, enabling them to quickly roll out VAS apps that will serve drivers and passengers everywhere. Data consumers can access all this info simply by a straightforward API to plug in to our automotive data services platform and securely access enriched, multi-source data.
For Transporters and Shipping Companies
Transporters, shippers & trucking aggregators can avail shipment tracking solutions and customer/fleet management platform at virtually no cost.
For Data Producers
Data producers like vehicle manufacturers and VTS providers can monetise the vehicle telematics data.
Consent Management Hub
The Otodato consent management hub makes it simple and straightforward for vehicle owners to grant or revoke access to personal data for specific services, while efficiently validating personal data requests from service providers in real time.
Value for Everyone
Operating as a neutral third party, Otodato can separate the boundaries of information sharing and make more mobility services feasible to build and operate. This will be advantageous for the entire automotive ecosystem. Vehicle owners will be able to choose from various offerings, companies can build better services, and OEMs can develop more revenue streams. We work with our partners to gather insights that are shaping the future of transportation.
Adoption cost
Otodato works with it’s partners to bring down the tech adoption cost to as low as 80% of the current cost for all the stakeholders.