Making telematics data monetization easier and faster
Our platform helps automotive OEMs and VTS providers, serve the requirements of millions of vehicle owners for mobility applications and smart city services that make driving safer, more convenient and truly rewarding.
Otodato absorbs, cleanses, normalizes and aggregates the raw data so that it can be monetized.
We understand that building a network takes time and effort. It is costly to integrate initial nodes. As the system develops further, the value for all members and incentives to take part grows exponentially. The idea of the automotive data system, which needs basic information designs and includes various types of data consumers, make the network stronger. By changing raw data from various sources into structured form that can be effortlessly utilized by data consumers, Otodato extricates greatest value from the network.
Being a neutral third party, Otodato can break down the barriers of data sharing and make mobility services feasible to build and operate. This is advantageous for the entire automotive ecosystem: vehicle owners can choose from more offerings, companies can build better services, and OEMs can generate more revenue streams.